IO200 as Koken Alternative

tl;dr: IO200 is a modern alternative for Koken. Koken installations can be automatically migrated to IO200.

For many years, I have been using Koken for managing my photo websites. Unfortunately, there have been no updates for Koken since 2017 and the community forum as well as the documentation went offline. Even worse, parts of the system already stopped working due to issues with new PHP versions.

Therefore, I was looking for an alternative for Koken. But I just couldn't find a suitable replacement for Koken. General CMS's like WordPress (even with plugins) just don't fit the needs of photographers. And I also don't want to upload my photos to any hosted photography website provider. Furthermore, I need a flexible frontend system that is fully customizable.

Long story short: I have developed a modern CMS alternative to Koken. The new system (IO200) is precisely tailored to the needs of photographers and artists and offers numerous outstanding features. During the installation of IO200 all photos, albums, sets, categories, tags, articles and pages can be automatically migrated from Koken to IO200. In short, the Koken replacement leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

If you are interested, I highly recommend to check out IO200, the modern alternative to Koken.

Start migrating your Koken website to IO200 today →

Features of IO200 CMS for photographers and artists

  • Photography focused content management system supporting photo EXIF and IPTC data
  • Automatic bulk upload/update of photos and IPTC meta tags such as photo title, caption, and tags
  • Fully customizable SEO optimized themes with limitless customization options
  • Password Protection, Photo Download Protection, Image Watermarks, and much more ...
  • Photos, Albums, nested Collections, and Photo Galleries
  • Blog with Articles and Comments
  • Self-hosted
  • ...

IO200 CMS Admin Panel - Photos and Portfolio IO200 CMS Admin Panel - Articles IO200 CMS Admin Panel - Add link

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