Version 2.5.3

Fix: Theme style updates

Version 2.5.2

Fix: Style updates

Version 2.5.1

Fix: Image serving

Version 2.5

New: Auto FTP Folder Synchronization (photos, nested collections, album photo relations)
New: Photo EXIF editing
New: Theme Ratio
New: Timeline photo sorting setting
New: Album layout setting for tag and search template
New: Raw link URL suggestions
New: Auto update notifications
Change: Minor theme adaptions

Version 2.4.1

Change: Theme styles updates
Fix: Minor fixes

Version 2.4

New: Lightbox title/description EXIF
New: Photo upload auto filename adaption
New: Edit photo modal arrow key navigation
New: Edit photo/article modal save by pressing CTRL+S
New: Delete seleted photo(s) by pressing delete key
Fix: Masonry layout content order
Fix: Improved authentication flow

Version 2.3

New: API Turbo Mode
New: Favicon PNG file support

Version 2.2.2

Fix: Editor element alignments in themes
Fix: Lightbox auto zoom
Fix: Updating photo files

Version 2.2.1

Fix: Minor theme style fixes

Version 2.2

New: Improved image serving performance
New: Website preview
Change: Theme styles update
Change: Admin panel style update
Fix: Firefox sorting by dragging and dropping
Fix: Auto https redirection
Fix: EXIF import capture date
Fix: Security patch
Fix: Minor fixes

Version 2.1

New: Album and lightbox settings
New: Photo detail page with album/tag context and previous/next links
Change: Lightbox update
Fix: Album sorting (minor)
Fix: Social media links (minor)

Version 2.0

Initial release